Intermediate: 8 Dates Course


SUMMER SPECIAL: Get 5 hours of studio time for free with every course booking!

Wednesday 6-9pm
12.6 / 19.6 / 26.6 / 3.7 / 10.7 / 17.7 / 24.7 / 31.7

Join us for an 8 dates Course tailored for those with some experience in pottery. Ideal for students who have completed an introductory course or are familiar with the basics of wheel throwing. 

Wedging Techniques: Learn ram’s head and spiral wedging, along with marbling techniques to add a unique touch to your clay.

Wheel Throwing Skills: We’ll focus on centering, trimming, glazing and our teacher will share some useful tips and tricks to enhance your pottery skills. For handling larger amounts of clay (1-3 kg),  our teacher will demonstrate creating bigger bowls and closed shapes, including vases and bottles. You will also learn how to attach an external wooden plate to the wheel and throw items like plates directly on the wooden board.

Understanding the Kiln: Gain insights into burning curves and how to set the kiln, vital for the final stages of your pottery.

Personalized Learning: This course is about you and your pottery journey. Whether you have a project in mind or want to improve your skills, we’ll work together to achieve your goals.

Language: Instruction will be in English, with the option for one-on-one discussions in either English or German, based on your preference.

The first 2 kg of finished pieces plus clay are included in the course pricing. The firing costs after the first 2 kilos are 15,00€ / kg for finished pieces. You don’t have to bring anything with you except maybe an old t-shirt or an apron. (However, clay washes easily out of clothing otherwise.) Glazes and tools are freely available in the studio. Maximum 10 participants.

If you miss a unit, that’s not a problem. All missed course hours can be made up for free of charge and within our opening hours if you have sufficient basic knowledge (attend at least 2 appointments) in the rami Co-Making (unsupervised studio). Of course, also after the course is finished. 

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