4-Week Hand-building Course


This workshop is designed to introduce you to the vast world of hand-building.

You will learn how to create ceramic objects with only your own pair of hands. After mastering the method you will be able to build any kind of vessel you desire – a cup, a vase, a bowl or any abstract form.

In the first two sessions the focus will be on the most important hand-building techniques – coiling, pinching, slab-building and sculpting from a block. You will then have ample opportunity to apply all of your newly gained knowledge to a personal project.

The workshop is designed for all levels – from beginners to those who want to build on existing skills.

Bar Bergman, born and raised in Tel Aviv, is a sculptural and ceramic artist, who specialises in hand-building. Her work corresponds with shape and colour motifs found in nature, with a strong emphasis on clean smooth textures.

The course will take place weekly from 18.00-21.00 and will be held in English.

Dates: 14.3 / 21.3 / 28.3 / 4.4

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