Glaze Brewery with Anja Slapničar


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Monday – Friday, 12th – 16th of August, 2pm- 5pm with Anja Slapničar 

In this course, you will learn how to develop your own natural glazes from local materials, discover the composition of glazes and develop your own glaze recipes through understanding the materials.

Day 1
We will spend the first day researching local clays and learning to identify local geology. We will learn about commercial ingredients and compare them with collected ones. We will make primary tests of all materials. This will give us a reference framework within which we can recognize their role in glazes and how they behave.

Day 2
We will prepare secondary tests, for which we will learn about line blend technique.

Day 3
We will look at the fired tests, learn how to read them. We will prepare triaxial blends.
Day 4
On the fourth day we will again spend some time analyzing the tests from the previous day. We will choose the quality glazes from previous tests, improve them and create new recipes.
Day 5
On our last day we will reflect on the best ways to find and collect local geology and learn how to read topographical and geological maps as our basic guides to determine where to find materials in nature. We will open the kiln and analyze final tests and suggest improvements. We will place all the collected tests together and discuss it at a round table, which will also allow for addressing final questions and unclarities.

Materials and firing costs are included.
The workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced potters.
Course will be held in English.

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