Time for tea: Teapot making workshop


Saturday and Sunday, 3rd and 4th September, 10:00 – 17:00 with Anja Slapničar

We will learn how to build a teapot using a coil building technique. The first part of the workshop will be used to explain different kinds of teapots, teapot parts and their functions. The introduction will also include a discussion about clay, its physics and laws, which we will combine with the physics of water/tea in the teapot. After commenting on these limitations and movement, each will sketch their own teapot. We will then start with building the base and body of the teapot. Depending on each teapot’s shape we will adjust our building. In the mean time, whilst the body has been left to partially dry and harden, we will prepare other parts of teapot. On the second day, the body and parts will be ready to be assembled. The second part of the second day will be used for finishing touches, which include fine tuning, details and decoration.

Result: gained knowledge about clay, the coil building technique and teapot making, finished unglazed raw teapot.

Materials and bisque burning cost are included. Glazing is not included in this course. If you’ve never glazed before then please send us an email and book a glazing appointment, otherwise please pick your pieces up once they have been bisque fired!

Course will be held in English.

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