Karatsu Ceramics with Michael Martino


Course Dates:
28th and 29th of August, 9am – 6pm  with one hour lunch break


30th and 31st of August, 9am – 6pm  with one hour lunch break

Karatsu is a ceramic tradition that flourished in Japan in the late 16th to early 17th century. Despite being enormously influential within Japan, it is relatively unknown outside of the country. In this course we will explore the unique tools and techniques of the Karatsu tradition, examine the simple approach of the Karatsu potters, and touch on the origins of Karatsu ware.

Japan-based karatsu potter Michael Martino will teach throwing techniques as well as coil and paddle handbuilding techniques. In addition, Michael’s approach to clay and glaze material preparation, glaze formulation, glaze application, functional decoration, and firing will be covered.

Workshop time will be devoted to hands on teaching, a combination of demonstrations by Michael, followed by assistance and advise to students as they practice what they have observed. There will also be photographic presentations aimed at introducing participants to the varied styles of Karatsu ware, the history of the tradition, modern examples of Karatsu ware, and kiln firing tools and techniques. 

The Artist
Michael Martino grew up in rural New Mexico and urban Texas, USA. His interest in pots came from being exposed to a multitude of pot shards and stone tools discovered while playing as a child in the hills of northern New Mexico. Michael first moved to Japan in 1990, and has been steeped in the ceramic tradition of Karatsu since 2002 when he began an informal apprenticeship with veteran Karatsu potter Tsuruta Yoshihisa, his mentor in both ceramics and kintsugi. He established his studio in 2007 in Taku, Japan, and built his anagama style wood kiln in 2011, dedicating himself to making beautiful and mostly functional ceramics out of local wild clay, stone, and ash.

Course is open for all levels but best if you already know the basics for throwing on the wheel.
All materials and bisque firing are included.

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Karatsu Ceramics

28th and 29th of August, 30th and 31st of August