Handbuilding with Bar Bergman


Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th of October, 6 – 9.30 pm
Glazing 25th of October, 6 – 8 pm

From clay lump to vessel

In this course you will create a ceramic object just with your hands. Using a combination of hand building techniques – pinching and coiling, you will learn how to build any kind of vessel, for example a vase. This method allows the construction of a variety of shapes and scales while controlling the shape structure. We will work on high-rise construction with emphasis on surface area and finishing touches. The workshop is designed for all levels – from beginners, and to those who want to improve their technique.

On the first day we will start with learning the technique and then begin building the desired object. On the second day the slightly dried objects will get their finishing touches, using engobe to create the imagined finished work. On the last date you will glaze your piece(s).

Bar Bergman, born and raised in Tel Aviv, currently living in Vienna, is a sculpture and ceramic artist, who specializes in hand building techniques. Her work corresponds with shapes and colors motifs that can be found in nature, with a strong emphasis on clean smooth textures.

Course will be held in English. All materials and firings are included.

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