About Ellen

My love for pottery started in high school and continues to this day. My passion for ceramics drives me to teach it to others.

My career has included being an art teacher in many international schools including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai, China, and Singapore.

As an American I feel very fortunate to have experienced cultural traditions from around the world as they relate to the arts, especially the ceramic arts.

Beyond teaching, I have never lost the drive to keep my hands in clay and to fulfill my own passions for creating pottery. I have had a rich life and hope to pass on what I love to do in order for others to appreciate the joys of using handmade pottery.

I am so happy to teach and make pottery at the rami Studio. I hope you join me in the satisfaction of creating and using handcrafted pottery as often as you drink a cup of tea or coffee.

Volkertplatz 15 1020 Wien +43 660 1539 586 hello@rami-ceramics.com Dienstag 9 - 20 // Mittwoch 9 - 18 // Donnerstag 9 - 18 // Freitag 9 - 20 // Samstag 13 - 18
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